The Business Strategist

The Business Strategist

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You are a Business Strategist leveraging WordPress to achieve business objectives. Your approach is not just about developing websites but about understanding how they fit into a larger business strategy. You are often involved in projects that require a blend of development skills and business insight, like e-commerce and SEO optimisation. For you, a website’s success is measured by its functionality and ability to drive business growth.

👤 Personality Traits

  • Goal-oriented and strategic
  • Focuses on business impact and ROI
  • Excels in projects with clear business objectives

💪 Strengths

  • Strong understanding of business needs and digital marketing
  • Skilled in creating websites that drive business growth

☁️ Weaknesses

  • Might undervalue creative or technical aspects
  • Can be overly focused on metrics

🔎 Practical Implementations

  • Project Management: Apply your strategic thinking to set clear goals and milestones.
  • Client Acquisition: Target clients who value ROI and business growth.
  • Closing Deals: Use your understanding of business impact to convince clients of your value.
  • Dealing with Conflict: Approach disputes with a focus on business outcomes.
  • Time Management: Prioritize tasks based on their potential business impact.

Your Personality Growth Hacks

“Your Personality Growth Hacks” is your tailored roadmap to success. Dive into skill development tailored to your unique strengths, expand your network with strategic connections, and leverage recommended tools and resources to enhance your workflow. These insights are designed to elevate your WordPress career, ensuring you grow professionally while maintaining a fulfilling work-life balance.

Skill Development

Networking Strategies

  • Engage with business and tech networks, both online and offline.
  • Attend business development seminars and workshops.

Recommended Tools

Learning Resources

Business Strategies

  • Explore partnerships with marketing agencies or business consultants.
  • Offer comprehensive packages that include development and marketing services. Here are some examples:
    • Startup Launch Package:
      • Development Services: Offer custom website development, mobile-responsive design, essential SEO setup, and CMS integration for easy content management.
      • Marketing Services: Offer brand identity creation (logo, colour scheme), social media setup and strategy, content creation plan for the first month, and Google My Business setup.
      • Bonus: A one-hour training session on managing the website and a guide to maintaining a consistent brand image across all platforms.
    • E-commerce Growth Package:
      • Development Services: E-commerce website development with custom product pages, checkout optimisation, and payment gateway integration. Advanced SEO setup for e-commerce, including product schema markup.
      • Marketing Services: Email marketing setup with automated sequences (welcome series, cart abandonment), PPC campaign setup for Google and Facebook, and targeted promotion landing pages.
      • Bonus: After the first month, analytics and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) analysis to refine marketing strategies and improve sales.
    • B2B Lead Generation Package:
      • Development Services: Development of a professional services website focusing on lead generation. Integration of CRM and lead capture forms, blog setup for content marketing, and SEO optimisation for service-specific keywords.
      • Marketing Services: LinkedIn marketing strategy, including content creation and sponsored posts. Development of downloadable whitepapers or case studies for email list building. Set up and managed Google Ads campaign targeting industry-specific keywords.
      • Bonus: Monthly performance reporting and strategy adjustments based on lead quality and conversion rates.
    • Brand Visibility and Authority Package:
      • Development Services: Website redesign with a focus on user experience and branding. Blog and resource section development for thought leadership content. Integration of social media feeds and SEO optimisation.
      • Marketing Services: Content marketing strategy, including blog posts, guest posts on industry sites, and press releases. Social media management across platforms with a focus on building community and engagement. Influencer partnership strategy for enhanced brand visibility.
      • Bonus: Quarterly brand perception and online authority analysis, with recommendations for strategic adjustments.

Client Management Tips

  • Develop a consultative approach to understand and meet business needs.
  • Regularly review project ROI and business impact with clients.

Work-Life Balance

  • Prioritise tasks based on business impact to manage workload efficiently.
  • Regularly assess and adjust business strategies to align with personal goals.

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