WordPress SEO Masterclass Boost Your WordPress Visibility Instantly

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Attention Small Business Owners! Have you ever wondered why your competitors are at the top of Google while you’re lost in the crowd? Time to change that.

Master the art of WordPress SEO:

⚡ Craft URL structures that Google loves.

⚡ How to use an XML Site Map to lead the search engine right to your door.

⚡ Know the critical ‘no-nos’ that keep your site in Google’s good books.

⚡ Discover the essential pages your website MUST have and the goldmine of information they need to feature.

⚡ Write Blog Posts that Dominate Search Engines.

⚡ Master the secret sauce of using keywords in titles that grab attention.

⚡ Hook readers from the very first sentence.

⚡ Design content that’s effortlessly readable with strategic subheadings.

⚡ Supercharge image SEO and make your blog visually irresistible.

⚡ Humanise your content: Write in a relatable manner that resonates with everyone.

⚡ Seamlessly weave in adjacent keywords to make your content more authoritative.

⚡ Amplify your blog’s interconnectivity and SEO strength.

⚡ Leverage powerful SEO plugins to outperform competitors.

👋 About Your Trainer: Wil Brown – a WordPress consultant & educator who’s been carving success stories for businesses since 2005.

Going live: Wed 25 October at 10:00 am to 11:00 am

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