Digital Marketing For Beginners 📈

This course assumes you know nothing about digital marketing — It’s a complete beginner’s introduction to the terms and concepts of digital marketing.

Are you new to the online world? 🌏

Perhaps you are just starting up a new business or thinking about growing your hobby into something more.

To make money with your online venture, you need a steady stream of potential customers visiting your website, which requires a bit of digital marketing.

There are many ways of marketing your site digitally to your niche and target audience.

Wil summarises the traditional marketing techniques and costs before outlining the top digital marketing techniques used in the industry.

There may even be a freebie!

In this event, you will learn:

⚡Traditional marketing techniques & costs
⚡Digital marketing roles
⚡Defining your niche
⚡Creating an Ideal Client Avatar (ICA)
⚡Defining your target audience
⚡Ensuring a target market
⚡The top digital marketing channels

Wil Brown is a WordPress consultant & educator and has been in business for himself since 2005.

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