NSW Small Business Month – November 2022

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2022 November NSW SBM Links & Resources

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How To Make Your Videos Look More Professional 🎥

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Are you looking to improve the quality of your business videos?

Videos are more engaging than any other content medium and can help boost your conversion rates. You don’t need to buy broadcast-quality hardware to create a professional video or appear your best on a live cam. These easy-to-action tips will help you produce high-quality videos for your website, sales & marketing, coaching sessions, courses, webinars and client Zoom calls.

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Digital Marketing For Beginners 📈

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Are you new to the online world?

Perhaps you are just starting up a new business or thinking about growing your hobby into something more?

To make money with your online venture, you need a steady stream of potential customers visiting your website.

There are many ways of digitally marketing your site to your niche and target audience.

This course assumes you know nothing about digital marketing.

This is a complete beginner’s introduction to the terms and concepts of digital marketing.

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Pricing Strategies For Projects

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Choosing the correct pricing strategy for your next project is crucial to ensure you are getting paid for what you are worth and making a profit.

There are many pricing methods available, so how do you know which one fits your project?

Wil Brown walks you through 10 popular pricing methods, explaining how they work and when to use them.

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9 Proven Ways To Grow Your Email List

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Email marketing is the most cost-effective digital marketing strategy and is the easiest to start.

People put more trust into email content than any other digital source, mainly because they have already opted-in to receiving the content.

This talk covers nine proven strategies you can easily implement to grow your email list, whether you are an established marketer or just starting a new business venture with zero subscribers.

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