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Hi, I’m Wil Brown, a WordPress Consultant and Educator.

I help WordPress developers get more clients and increase monthly revenue to build a sustainable and profitable business.

12-Week Structured Coaching For WordPress Designers & Developers

Who Is WP Accelerator For?

This course is for freelance WordPress developers and designers who are struggling to find clients and want to add more to their bottom line to build a stable monthly income.

WordPress Designers

You use page builders or design themes, layouts, landing pages, sales pages, product pages, UI and UX components for WordPress websites.

WordPress Developers

You develop custom WordPress websites or use page builders, develop plugins, create e-commerce shops and membership sites.

Grow Your WordPress Business

Who is..?


Successful freelance developer and consultant Wil is a well-recognised expert in the WordPress industry.

He has organised and talked at hundreds of tech conferences worldwide.

Wil built profitable businesses in three countries and is on a mission to help other WordPress professionals build and sustain their businesses.

Discover Your Unique WordPress Superpower!

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What’s Your Biggest Business Roadblock To Success?

Generating More Leads

You have website visitors, but you’re not getting the quality of leads you need.

I Want More Leads

Improving Conversions

You have good monthly website traffic, but your offer conversion rates are meagre.

I Want More Conversions

Win High-Value Projects

You can’t seem to win high-value projects from your website proposals.

I Want $$K+ Projects

Recommended Business Courses

Not ready to commit to the 8 weeks WP Business Accelerator programme?

That’s ok. Here are some of my business courses to help you level up in all aspects of your business.

How To Build & Sell Websites Without Coding

What if I told you, you could become a website creator in 6 weeks and start earning an online income?

And you don’t need to touch a line of code!

In this course you will learn:

WordPress Hosting · WordPress Setup · Building A Business Website ·
SEO & Google Analytics · Launching A Website · Finding Paying Clients · Proposals, Contracts & Payments · Running Projects · Getting Tech Help · Scaling Growth

How To Build An SEO Friendly Business Website

Get yet yourself off the ground and into the digital world with a brand new business website.

Ideal for those who haven’t taken the first steps online yet.

Configure your site for the best SEO options and submit to Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo.

In this course, you will learn:

Choosing a domain name · Choosing a web hosting provider · Installing and configuring WordPress · Choosing a theme · Popular plugins · Creating posts and pages · SEO · WooCommerce + more

Yes, I Want To Build an SEO Friendly Business Website

Digital Marketing Mastery

Everything you need to know to master the art of Digital Marketing.

In this course, you will learn:

Market Research · Business Branding · SEO · Email Marketing · Copywriting · Sales Psychology · Landing Page Conversions · Facebook Ads · Facebook Messenger Marketing · Instagram Marketing · LinkedIn Marketing · YouTube Marketing · Google Ads · Google Analytics · Google Search Console

SEO Rankings Booster

Want to boost your existing website SEO?

In this course you will learn:

Keyword Research, Competitor Research, Choosing SEO Tools, Techincal SEO For Your Website, SEO Copywriting, Choosing Converting Blog Post Titles, Image Optimisation, Writing Blog Posts For SEO, Long-Term Content Planning, Setting Up Google Search Console, Setting Up Google Analytics, Understanding Semantic Schemas, Repurposing Old Content, Link Building Strategies, Google Core Web Vitals

Supercharge My Website SEO


I’ve seen Wil speak on a number of occasions and he had a unique knack of explaining the complex in a jargon-free, digestible and easy to enjoy way.

Wil is a true advocate of the WordPress Community in Australia, what he doesn’t know about WordPress ain’t worth knowing, but he also offers important insights into business profitability and success.

A talented and affable speaker. Highly recommended.

Kate Toon

Speaker | Author | SEO Lover | Copywriter

Free Courses

Learn for free with these amazing value-packed courses.

Why Choose WordPress?

A free course explaining what WordPress is, why it is a good choice for creating a website, how it works and how it compares to other website creation apps such as Wix, Squarespace and Shopify.

Digital Marketing For Beginners

Level up your business marketing skills with this free digital marketing mini-course. Understand the core principles of digital marketing, niches and target markets.

SEO For Beginners

Are you new to SEO? Don’t understand the terminology or how to get started?

This short course explains SEO in an easy-to-understand language. Find out how important SEO is and how to apply it to your website.

Free Business Resources

Content Marketing Guide

Don’t waste your time blindly writing content and crossing your fingers that Google will rank it.

Setting up a content strategy ensures your articles are engaging, relevant and hit your target audience.

SEO Power Words

Get over 400 power words to boost your SEO copywriting.

Sorted into categories, a single PDF for quick reference and a spreadsheet to add your own power words as your business grows.

Buyer Persona Guide

Get my ultimate guide to creating the perfect buyer personas for your target audience.

Don’t treat all your site visitors like mindless robots. Understand who you are selling to with this actionable guide.

Wait… Where’s the WordPress Stuff?

“Hey, Wil. I thought you were some sort of WordPress expert! Where’s all the WordPress stuff?” 😕

It’s OK. This is my personal brand website. You’re looking for my WordPress Consultancy business Zero Point Development.

Zero Point Development WordPress Expert
WordPress Expert Consultant & Developer

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Handling Secure Form Submissions in WordPress

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Guide to Navigating Your First Client Experience as a Beginner WordPress Developer

Guide to Navigating Your First Client Experience as a Beginner WordPress Developer

Navigate your first client experience as a WordPress developer with my comprehensive guide. From understanding client briefs to crafting proposals, managing projects, setting prices, and building your portfolio – I’ve got your journey covered!

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